Top 4 Highlights in Kansas City

Kansas City, Missouri, is the second largest city in the state of Missouri. With a population of about 3.5 million, it is one of the most urban areas in the nation. Kansas City, Missouri is a gateway city to both Eastern and Western Kansas. The word “kyolce,” means “common.” The name was chosen because it was the first town located in what is now Kansas City, Missouri.

Kansas City is situated on the eastern bank of the river-the Missouri. Kansas City sits right on the western edge of Missouri, straddling that line with Kansas. It is known for its barbecue, fountains and jazz history.

Downtown, the American Jazz Museum

Downtown, the American Jazz Museum occupies a landmark building designed by noted architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and home to the world renowned jazz museum and the world’s first jazz festival. Along with these landmarks, the Jazz Festival and the Hall of Fame are other attractions that make Kansas City a top tourist destination. The National Jazz Museum is another attraction, as it is home to one of the four surviving jazz museums in the country. The Museum also features an interactive Jazz Portrait exhibit that allows visitors to photograph favorite musician and display them in the Museum. Other popular attractions in Kansas City include the Sprint Center, the Midway Gallery and the historic Kansas City Zoo.

The National Museum of Natural History

The National Museum of Natural History is another important attraction in Kansas City, and is home to a large number of natural history specimens and artifacts. The Natural History Museum has an incredible zoo featuring more than 800 animals and 300 different species of plants. Other exhibits in the museum include dinosaur bones, diamond rings and other precious gemstone collections. Other cultural attractions include the Science and Environmental Science Center, the American Museum of Natural History and the Science and Planetarium at the Kansas City Zoo. The Natural History Museum additionally houses the fossilized fossil record, allowing visitors to learn about the history of mankind and to discover how our planet was formed.

The Science and Environmental Science Center

The Science and Environmental Science Center features three major exhibits, including “An Incomplete Look At Environmental Science: An Experience”, which allows visitors to view a full-scale reconstruction of a dinosaur bone. On top of these, the zoo has a science learning center with a wide range of exhibits. The Science and Environmental Science Center was built especially to educate kids about the environment. The Science and Environmental Science Center features a dinosaur exhibit where children can touch and study fossils. A trip inside the museum also offers a chance to touch and see actual exhibits with scientists. Other popular attractions in the Science and Environmental Science Center include “Botany – A Biologist’s Journey”, “Rock and Sand”, “Ecosystems: Creating Ecosystems”, “The Royal Botanic Gardens of England” and “Upper Paleolithic cave painting”.

The National Landmarks Museum

The National Landmarks Museum is another great way to see the city of Kansas City. Founded in 1924, the museum is one of the oldest landmarks in the state and has an extensive history. Other popular attractions in the museum include “The Great Wall of China,” “The Universe from The Biggest Mouth,” “The Picasso Pavilion” and “Great Moments in American Art.”

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