Roof Top Bar and Distillery – Top Night Out in Kansas City

Night Out in Kansas City has become increasingly popular among visitors and locals. Westport and Overland Park are two of the hottest nightlife destinations in kansas city. The tourists and the locals enjoy the various bars, restaurants, nightclubs, discos and bars in these areas. It is no wonder that over seven thousand people visit Kansas City every year. In this article I will talk about nightlife in Overland Park and Westport.

The Rose Bar

There are several night clubs in Westport, but my favorite bar is called “The Rose Bar”. This bar is just down the street from the original Rose Bar where you can still get your fill of roses. This bar even serves breakfast! This is just an example of some of the great kansas city restaurants and bars you will find around here.

Two other great bars are The Whiskey Club and The Sage Tree. Both of these bars have out dated rock n roll memorabilia. They are also located around the same area as The Rose Bar. These two Kansas city bars make for a perfect night of dancing with dinner.

The Distillery in perfect night out spot in Kansas

If you love whiskey and cocktails then you will love The Distillery. This is a modern day American style pub that is only open on certain nights. This place is one of the best whiskey bars in kansas city. This is also a great place to go on a date night with your friends. On some date nights The Distillery runs special events like a dinner or cocktail hour.

Another great place to go when in kansas city is The Music Box. This is a place that plays a variety of live music. They also host many different events that include karaoke and dance lessons. These bars are very popular among both local kansas residents and visitors.

No matter where you stay you will want to stop at The Rose Bar and The Distillery. These are just two of the top places in kansas city to enjoy some cocktails and listen to live music. These are two great places for a night out with your friends. You should always try to make a visit to The Rose Bar and The Distillery while you are in kansas city.

If dinner isn’t exactly what you had in mind then perhaps a walk across the bridge is what you were looking for. At this point in time you have the option of a walk from the distillery to your dinner destination. You will find a variety of restaurants along the way that specialize in both barbeque and dinner. Some of these restaurants will offer you a free dinner or you can purchase tickets for an expensive dinner.

After your dinner and drinks are through you can head back to the rooftop bar for a couple more rounds of shots. This is by far the best place in kansas city to end a night. The Rose Bar and The Distillery has opened its doors not just to be a place to dine but to also host special events. If you are ever in kansas city next time you are in need of a great place to go then I highly recommend this two places. If you are ever in oak park area make sure to check these places out because they are so amazing and definitely tops when it comes to kansas city dinner and drinks.

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